Our accessories perfectly complement our product range and have been specifically tested in combination with our products to maximize performance. Although accessories are often considered optional, the are in fact essential in many applications to efficiently use a product or even to enhance its performance. Fluidx asia engineering extensive range of accessories has been designed and selected to ensure hassle-free and quick integration of our imaging components into your vision system.


Optical  Parts Series

Optical Components and Parts A full lineup of light-path modifying optical components for machine vision applications. Mostly glass-based but could also be plastic polymer-based. In addition to the standard models, customized specifications are also possible.


Prism Adapter Series

Space-saving prism unit which bends the lens light path by 90 degrees. Product lineup from Mirror Type (inverted image) to Penta Prism Type (Erected Image). Customization is also possible.


Closeup Ring Series

C-Monunt Spacer Ring/Extension Tubes When installed between a FA CCTV lens and a camera a macro distance imaging could be achieved


Extender Lens Series

Telecentric lenses are the crystallization of long accumulated technologies in microscopic optics. A steady resolving power being maintained within the depth of field while keeping the optical magnification unchanged is the most unique feature of telecentric lenses. As a key contributor to the industry, Optart Corp. offers lens products ranging from the cutting-edge lens models for large image format FA sensors to high cost performer lens models for applications with large economy of scale.


Filter Series

Various Types of Filters Filter (cover glass) which protects the lens and reduces UV light. Designed with a suitable thread to be mounted directly onto the lens. Please note that lens with a wide-angle field of view may be interfered. In addition to the UV series, cover glass made of transparent and colorless glass is also available.

L Series

L Series

LED coaxial epi-illuminator TV-00LE is a simple coaxial epi-illuminator with a built-in red LED light source. It can be used as it is, and it can be mounted on your own optical system by selecting the pitch diameter of the direction change frame mount of the standard optical system mounting part from 4 types.

  • Ultra-bright red LED is used as the light source, and uniform illumination light can be obtained in a wide range.

  • Dimming, external ON/OFF control, and external digital dimming are possible with the power supply according to the application.

  • The direction change frame can be selected from four standard types, and a custom order is available as an option.

  • In addition to the standard red (R), blue (B), green (G), white (W) etc. can be custom made for the LED.