AP-AB1113 Electroshock-proof AC Ion Bar

widely used in electronics, optoelectronics, semiconductor and other industries.


Product Description

AP-AB1113 ion bar adopts frequency AC high voltage and acts on the dedicated emitter electrode through impedance coupling devices to ionize air molecules to generate positive and negative ions and transport them to the surface of the object to be eliminated to neutralize positive and negative electrostatic charges to achieve efficient and reliable static elimination.


  1. Electroshock-proof Protection against electroshock.
  2. Easy to installation Put the M4x20 hexagonal mounting bolts into the special strip notch on the back of the rod body.
  3. Standard tungsten alloy needle Tungsten alloy has a longer service life compared with titanium and silicon materials.
  4. CE Certification  it can effectively prevent the external electromagnetic interference from affecting the normal operation of the ion bar.


Working Voltageone bar length < 1m or two bars length < 1m; AC5600V
one bar length ≥ 1m or two bars length ≥ 1m; AC7000V
Ion emissionPower frequency AC
Emitter electrodeSUS
Discharge RangeL*W*H (150mm→3000mm) *300mm*100mm
Installation distance30→100mm
Ion balance≤|±30V| (AVE)
Discharge speed≤1.0S (Test distance:100mm)
Working temperature0-50℃