AP-AB1225 Intelligent Pulse AC Ion Bar

widely used in electronics, optoelectronics, semiconductor and other industries.

AP-AB1225 Intelligent Pulse AC Ion Bar


  1. Standard tungsten alloy needle Tungsten alloy has a longer service life compared with titanium and silicon materials.
  2. Easy to replace the discharge part Rotating the needle holder countershock wise to replace the needles when it is dam loss off.
  3. CE certification It can effectively prevent the external electromagnetic interference from affecting the normal operation of the ion bar. This is a static electricity eliminator with high safety and high reliability.
  4. Easy installation M5 sheet slider nut installation accessories provided. Put the slider nut into the slot of the ion bar. Slide left and right to adjust position and can adapt to various installation environments
  5. DC24V high flexible towline power cord The standard length of the power cord is 1500mm and the low voltage wiring of 24V can eliminate the aging phenomenon of the cable caused by the discharge and the impact on the peripheral equipment, which can build a highly reliable system. 
  6. Working status visualization
    Green light—–working normally
    Blue light——Standby
    Blue light flashing——commissioning / cleaning
    Red light——abnormal high voltage


Input voltageDC 24V
Input Current< 200mA
Power< 5W
Output voltage±5.5KV DC
Ion emissionPulse AC
Emitter electrodeTungsten alloy
Discharge rangeL*W*H: {200; 225′ 250 -300mm (Needle spacing 25mm)}*200*100mm
Ion balance≤|±30V| ( AVG )
Discharge speed≤1S (Test distance100mm)
Working temperature0-50℃
Working humidity< 70%