AP-AZ3201 Inductive Ionizing Air Snake

widely used in electronics, optoelectronics, semiconductor and other industries.


Product Description

AP-AZ3201 adapts AC high voltage acting on the special emitters to ionizer the air and generate positive and negative high voltage ion. With the help of compressed air to convey positive and negative ions to the object surfaces and neutralize the positive and negative ions to achieve the goal of efficient and reliable static removing.


  1. Small dimension, Flexible & reliable.
  2. Fast static & dust removal.
  3. The induction control part is integrated with the power supply 
  4. Auxiliary far infrared automatic sensor switch
  5. Longer distance of static removing. 
  6. Work under High voltage and micro current(μA level)
  7. Clean the dust at the mean time of static removing


Input VoltageAC220V/50Hz or AC110V/60 Hz
Working distance150-300mm
Ion balance≤|±50v| (150mm from air outlet)
Discharge speed≤1.5s (150mm from air outlet)
Air pressure rang0.2-0.6 MPa
Working temperature0-50℃