AP-AZ5203 Electroshock-proof Ion Pen

widely used in electronics, optoelectronics, semiconductor and other industries.


Product Description

AP-AZ5203 anti-shock ion pen is a pen-type static elimination device to eliminate static electricity on the surface of objects.


  1. it is a pen-type ionizer.
  2. It adopts patented anti-static technology to produce large amount of ions.
  3. Good safety performance, anti-shock design of transmitting electrode, long service life.
  4. Work under the condition of high voltage and micro current.
  5. Easy installation and flexible movement.


Operating VoltageAC700V
Discharge distance30-100mm
Ion balance≤ |± 100V |
Discharge speed≤2.0S
Work conditiontemperature 0-50℃.Humidity 0-70%
High voltage wire length2.5M(can be customized)
Supporting powerAP-AY1502/2502