AP-DC2451-001 Desktop Ionizing Air Blower

widely used in electronics, optoelectronics, semiconductor and other industries.


Product Description

The AP-DC2451-001 Ionizing air blower uses positive and negative synchronous emission electrodes, which generates corona discharge though DC high voltage, ionizes air molecules, and generates a large number of positive and negative air ions, which are blown by the fan toward the surface of the object static elimination


  1. Exquisite body and beautiful appearance.
  2. Fast discharge speed.
  3. Automatic needle brushing function.
  4. Automatically brush the needle every 24 hours,,
  5. Has stepless speed regulation and stable performance.
  6. Easy to maintenance.


Input Voltage15V
Ion balance≤|± 10V|(300mm from the front of the air outlet)
Discharge speed≤2s (300mm from the front of the air outlet)
Discharge range750-300mm (L*W)
Working ConditionTemperature 0~50°C Humidity 30-70%