AP-DC2452-100C Suspended Ionizing Air Blower

widely used in electronics, optoelectronics, semiconductor and other industries.


Product Description

AP-DC2452-100C self-cleaning suspended ionizing air blower is one of the ionizing air blower series products produced. The AP-DC2452-100C self-cleaning suspended ionizing air blower users positive and negative synchronous emitter electrodes. Corona discharge is air molecules, generating a large number of positive and negative air ions, and blown by the fan towards the Eliminate static electricity on the surface


  1. It is suitable for eliminating static electricity in a large area.
  2. Multi-unit independent ion transmission port combination, fan step-less speed regulation.
  3. It has the function of automatic needle brushing at startup.
  4. Automatic needle brushing every 24 hours, eliminating manual brush cleaning and maintenance.
  5. The static elimination speed is fast and the circuit ability is good.
  6. The front and rear net covers are detachable for easy maintenance


Input VoltageAC220V/50Hz or AC110V/60 Hz
Working voltageAC3500V
Ion EmissionPower frequency AC
Emitter electrodeStainless steel
Power50W/250W (Heating)
Ion Balance≤|±10V| (300mm form the front of the air outlet)
Discharge speed≤2s (300mm from the front of the air outlet)
Discharg range360x750mm(W*L)
Working ConditionTemperature 0~50°C Humidity 30-70%