AP-DC2453 Desktop Mini Ionizing Air Blower

widely used in electronics, optoelectronics, semiconductor and other industries.


Product Description

AP-DC2453 miniature ion fan is one of the ion fan series products produced by An-ping Company (AP&T). The AP-DC2453 miniature ion fan uses positive and negative synchronous emission electrodes to generate corona discharge through DC high Voltage, ionizing air molecules, generating a large number of positive and negative air ions, and blowing them to the surface of the object to be eliminated by an axial fan perform static elimination. 


  1. Long service life
  2. Easy to installate.
  3. Low power.
  4. Stable & safe & reliable.
  5. Adjusted in three levels.


Input VoltageDC12V
Operating Voltage±DC4000-D7000V
Ion emissionSteady DC
Emitter electrodeTungsten alloy
Discharge range450*300mm (L*W)
Discharge Speed≤1.5s (150mm from the front of the air outlegt)
Ion balance-15V~+15V(150mm from the front of the air outlet)
Working ConditionTemperature 0~50°C Humidity 30-70%