AP-DY6702 IMS Power Supply

AP-DY6702 IMS Power Supply

Product Description

The AP-DY6702 IMS power supply is a DC power supply for electrostatic monitoring and elimination systems produced by AP&T. It is an integrated power supply for power supply and signal transmission of pulsed DC ion fans, pulsed AC ion bars and static sensors.
The integrated power supply comes with a serial port server. The ESD protection device is connected to the integrated power supply through the RJ45 network port to provide working voltage and data transmission for the product. At the same time, the integrated power supply acts as a data interaction platform, and can connect the ESD protection device and the computer through wireless transmission and wired connection.


  1. Output voltage and current display.
  2. 16-way illuminated switch indication.
  3. 32-way working status indicator
  4. RJ45 power connector.
  5. RS485 and wireless communication functions.


ModelAP-DY6702 IMS Power Supply
Input VoltageAC175-240V
Output VoltageDC24V
Output Current12.5A
Output Power300W
Product Size380*160*50
Work InstructionsLED
Input IndicationDigital display 0.28 Inch LED; monochrome
Product Network port32 Port : P1-P32
Communication Network portDC\PLC\RS45\WAN/LAN
Illuminated Switch16 Road:SW1-Sw16
Net Weight2500G
Gross Weight2950G