AP-GB1105 Electroshock-proof Static Generating Bar

widely used in electronics, optoelectronics, semiconductor and other industries.


Product Description

AP-GB1105 type static electricity generating bar adopts adjustable DC high Voltage, which acts on the dedicated emitter electrode through impedance coupling device to ionize air molecules and generate positive or negative ions which are applied to the surface of the object to be energized to achieve the purpose of efficient and reliable powering.


  1. The output voltage is adjustable to achieve faster power-on performance.
  2. Small and beautiful in appearance.
  3. Work under high voltage and low current (μA level) state
  4. Electroshock-proof function, avoiding accidental human touch and causing injury.
  5. Special strip notch on the back of the bar body, the mounting bolt can be moved. 


Working voltage±DC4000→9000V
Installation distance30-150mm
Discharge rangeL*W*H(150mm→3000mm)*300mm*150mm
Working temperature0 – 50°C
Working humidity<70%