Industrial Parts Cleaning


Fluklean: Fluidized Bed Cleaning System.

As an authorized distributor and service center for Fluklean we are able to provide complete fluidized bed cleaning systems or offer our in-house industrial parts cleaning services to our customers.

What is it?

What is a fluidized bed cleaning system?

A fluidized bed cleaning system consists of a reactor filled with a thermal medium which is heated and at the bottom air is injected. This generates a specific flow and the thermal medium starts to fluidize and takes on many of the same properties as liquid.

How it works

How does a fluidized bed cleaning system work?

When air gets injected at the bottom of the reactor the solid particles of the thermal medium separate and take on a state of fluidization. Heat will disperse between the solid particles and contamination on the part will be removed without the use of any chemicals or other liquids.


What type of parts and tools can Fluklean clean?

Fluklean can be used for a variety of machine parts and tools contaminated with polymers and other residues. The table shows the most common machine parts and tools cleaned by our clients.
Contact us for more specific cleaning applications.