Vacuum Components


Elbows-Tees-crosses fittings Vacuum tee, the most common pipe fitting, is used to combine (or divide) vauum fluid flow. The manufactures vacuum tees for UHV/HV systems from 304 or 316 stainless steel.

Vacuum Flanger

Vacuum Flanges The typical KF(QF, NW, Kwik or ISO-K) Flanges assembly consists of two identical flanges, a centerring-oring and an aluminum vacuum clamp with a with a wingnut fastener frequently connect and disconnect without tools.

Centering Ring

Centerring Ring The centering ring assemblies are placed between two KF flanges with matching outer diameters. The centering ring complete with O’ ring should be used when joining with any two KF flanges with a quick clamp. 


Vacuum Clamps Vacuum Clamps is used to connect the two ends of the vacuum flange joints, the middle part of the mosaic of the central depression ring.

Vacuum Adapter
Hydroformed Vacuum Bellows

Adapter Fittings The vacuum adapters provide a transition from one method of sealing to another. the feature of these adapters is that the geometries at each end of any component are different

Hydroformed Vacuum Bellows HTC Vacuum flexible house range consists of  lots of different type of flexible metal hoses, such as KF/CF/ISO flange type, Braided