Quick Couplings

In addition to our range of standard quick couplings, we also offer customer specific couplings for pneumatic, hydraulic, gas and fluid handling used in a variety of applications and industries. The clickGo brand stands for ease of use, high performance and long-term reliability. You click. You Go.

The G100 Series works on a simple push and pull principle with a self-locking arrangement ensuring a leak proof connection. When connected, the valve immediately opens and the gas (fluid) starts to flow. This series is mainly used for refrigerant gas charging and vacuum applications.

The G110 Series is an excellent choice for copper tube sealing in air conditioning, refrigerator and compressor production lines. This series is suitable for leak testing, gas charging and vacuum applications.

The G120 Series clamps the pipe when inserted by pushing the thumb lever, completing the first locking stage. The second locking stage is completed when the large handle is moved 90 degrees, pushing the rubber seal to hold the outer diameter of the tube from inside the coupling. This series is very useful in tight air pressure leak testing applications.

The G130 Series is mainly used in air conditioning production. Simple connection is possible by screwing it to UNF thread to connect it to the service valve and the refrigerant filling proceeds. To disconnect, the sleeve is simply unscrewed from the head.

The G140 Series has a built-in automatic ‘air pressured’ disconnect mechanism. This mechanism automatically disconnects the plug when the air is inserted in the socket. This series is mainly used in automated production lines for gas charging and vacuum applications.

The G150 Series is easy to (dis)connect under high pressure with a simple lever action, and is mainly used in large volume production lines of air conditioners to improve process productivity.