25 CFM Oil Mist Eliminator Kit

25 CFM Oil Mist Eliminator Kit *Filter Cartridge

Product Description

  • For rotary vacuum pumps it is recommended to vent them outside the room or to an exhaust hood to prevent indoor air contamination.
  • This two-stage vacuum pump exhaust filter enables venting rotary vacuum pumps in rooms where an outside line is either not practical or possible.
  • The two stage filters contains a replaceable oil mist eliminator element to trap vacuum oil and a replaceable activated charcoal element for the lighter hydrocarbon fractions.


  • Provides a safe lab environment
  • Purifies vacuum exhaust gases
  • Separate replaceable elements for oil mist and lighter fractions
  • Only 6-1/4″ tall with standard NW 25 connection
  • Low cost solution
LOME5002525 CFM Oil Mist Eliminator Kit *Filter Cartridge