AP-AB1602A Explosion-proof AC Ion Bar

widely used in electronics, optoelectronics, semiconductor and other industries.



  1. Bar shaped and cross over static eliminator
  2. Compact structure and elegant appearance
  3. Working uder high voltage and micro current (μA level)
  4. Electric shock-proof function
  5. with a certain anti explosion function, can be used in flammable and explosive environments
  6. Stripe shaped notch on the baccccof the bar for user to fasten the bar


Explosion-proof markEx s B T4 Gb
Explosion-proof certificate No.GYB16.1549X
Working VoltagePower frequency AC4000V
Ion balance≤|±100V|
Transmitting electrodeSUS
Electrode high voltage≤4000V
Discharge speed≤2.5S(Working distance 300mm)
Working temperature0°C – 50°C