AP-AC2459 Cross Flow Ionizing Air Blower

widely used in electronics, optoelectronics, semiconductor and other industries.


Product Description

The AP-AC2459 cross flow ionizing air blower generates corona discharge through AC hight Vltage, ionized air molecules and generates a large number of positive and negative air ions, which are blown to the surface of the object to be eliminated by cross flow ionizing air blower to eliminated static electricity


  1. Wide discharge range : Wide-range and long-distance, ion airflow cover a large area. Fast dischange and lower ion balance voltage.
  2. Built-in electrode cleaning device : More convenient and maintenance to ensure the best condition of the product.
  3. Stepless speed regulation : Fan stepless speed regulation, stable performance
  4. CE certification : This is a high safety and reliablity static eliminator.


Input VoltageAC220V/50Hz or AC110V/60 Hz
Working voltageAC3500V
Ion EmissionPower frequency AC
Emitter electrodeStainless steel
Power50W/250W (Heating)
Ion Balance≤|±10V| (300mm form the front of the air outlet)
Discharge speed≤2s (300mm from the front of the air outlet)
Discharg range360x750mm(W*L)
Working ConditionTemperature 0~50°C Humidity 30-70%