AP-DC3203 Ionizing Air Nozzle

widely used in electronics, optoelectronics, semiconductor and other industries.


Product Description

AP-DC3203 DC Ionizing air nozzle static eliminator product series. AP-DC3203 adopts DC lower supply and boosts voltage by piezoceramics transformer. It generates high frequency high voltage ionized air which contain plentiful well balanced positive and negative ion at high voltage emitter and transmits to surface of object by pressed air to remove dust and static. It is wildly used in electronics, plastic, chemical, printing, opto-electrical industries.


  1. MHuman oriented design: Small and light, hand feel and drape, flexible operating and reliable.
  2. High frequency high voltage AC corona discharge : Generate vast well balanced positive and negative ion High efficiency of dust and static removing.
  3. High safety: High voltage circuit and high voltage generator totally enclose inside the gun body so that put an end to electric shock caused by leakage
  4. Pneumoeletric switch: No gas no high voltage output. High frequency high voltage output only generates when gas pass through thus extends the product life
  5. Molfunction alarm: Green light on indicates working order. Red light on indicates error.
  6. Match standard : This product matches EMC standard.


Input VoltageDC24V
Operating VoltageHigh frequency AC2200V
Working distance150-300mm
Ion Balance-15V-+15V (150mm form the front of the nuzzle)
Discharge speed<1.0s (150mm from the front of the wind nozzle)
Working ConditionTemperature 0~40°C Humidity 30-70%RH(no water drop condensation)