AP-YV1201 Explosion-proof Static Meter

AP-YV1201 Explosion-proof static meter is a measuring instrument developed by shanghai Anping static technology.


Product Description

Static meter is a measuring instrument to detect the electrostatic voltage on the surface of electrostatic objects It uses non-contact measurement technology to induce the electrostatic field of the surface of the object. With high accuracy of measurement, it can be widely used in many industries where static voltage need to be measured


  1. Delicate appearance and comfortable handling.
  2. Double LED precise positioning and accurate measuring distance
  3. Wide measuring range and high measuring accuracy
  4. User friendly operating button and easy to use.
  5. Hight-definition, full-scale LCD data display.
  6. With explosion-proof function.


Explosion-proof gradeEx ib 11 T5 Gb
Measuring range0.001KV-±2.000KV | 0.01KV-±20.00KV | 0.1KV-±200.0KV
AppearanceGray shell gray button | Black shell gray button | Black shell black button
Measuring accuracy±10%
Measuring distance25mm±1.0mm
Input voltageDC3V (2*AAA)
Working current<100mA
Power offPress and hold the power button for 3 seconds or 180 seconds to automatically power off
Working temperature-18 → +50℃
Net weight146g (Includes:2batteries)
Gross weight359g±20g (Including:4 batteries and packaging accessories)