AP-YV3302 electrostatic sensor

AP-YV1303 type static meter is a test instrument developed by shanghai Anping static technology to detect the static voltage on the surface of an object with static electricity. which adopts the non-contact measurement technology to minimize the impact of the detecting instrument on the electrostatic field on the surface of the object and ensure the accuracy of measurement.



  1. With comfortable feel and beautiful appearance.
  2. Detection distance can be selected via dial switch.
  3. Wide detection potential range and high detection precision.
  4. Alarm threshold can be set and red light alarm indicates exceeding threshold.
  5. High-definition and all-dimensional LCD data display terminal.
  6. Monitoring data can be transmitted PC in real time.
  7. Comfortable for operation and convenient of use


Working voltageDC8-24V
Working current<20mA
Signal outputRS485
NPN (Collector control; 24/100mA)
Communication distance<500m
Alarm indicationRed light LED
Threshold setting±100V (default)
Alarm range±50→±5000V
Detection angle<15°
Startup stand-by time5s
Infrared control distance1m