High-Precision Dispensing Technology

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High-Precision Dispensing Technology

ViscoTec manufactures dispensing & filling systems and dosing components for semi-automatic and fully-automatic production plants and assembly processes. The precise, reliable, fast and sophisticated technology convinces in the most diverse applications – and this worldwide.

Our high-quality products are used in a wide variety of industries such as e-mobility, aerospace, electronics, food, biochemistry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and medical technology. As a customer, you always have the advantage of using a technology that not only offers technical features but above all one thing: Reliable, exact, fast dosing, with which you increase the quality of your products.

In order to always be technically up-to-date, we continuously improve our products. As a result we bring new ideas to the market and attach great importance to quality and service.

ViscoTec products cover a wide range of applications

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