New AP-DJ1802 Self-balancing Ionizing Air Blower


Product Description

Multiple networking methods to monitor the working status of ionizing air blower online. 


  1. Modular structure : Simplify maintenance jobs. The net cover can be easily removed to facilitate disassembly and assembly.
  2. 8 Electrode needles : It has 8 electrode needles, longer service life, High speed 7-blade fan with lager ion air volume.
  3. Built-in cleaning brush : The ionizing air blower will automatically brush the needle after it is turned on.
  4. Visualization of working status : Self-cleaning operation-blue light flashes; Normal work-green light (always in monitoring state); abnormal ion balance – red light flashes; blue light flashes during infrared debugging.


Input VoltageDC 24V (dual RJ45 interface)
Output VoltageDC±5KV→±5.5KV
Input Current< 0.6A
Ion EmissionDC
Emitter electrodeTungsten alloy
Power< 14.5W
Ion Balance≤|±10V|
Discharge speed≤1.5S (300mm away from the air outlet)
Discharg range750*300mm(L*W)
Working ConditionTemperature 0~50°C Humidity 30-70%