Schmidt Presses

Anyone who has to assemble two or more components must decide which assembly technology they want to use. Traditional techniques such as screwing, welding, soldering and bonding are being replaced, more and more, by cost-effective and rational pressing and joining operations for economic reasons. These are the strengths of SCHMIDT Technology.

Schmidt Manual Press

SCHMIDT® ManualPress
From 1.6 kN to 22 kN

Schmidt Pneumatic Press

SCHMIDT® PneumaticPress
Max. press force from 1.6 kN to 60 kN

Schmidt HydroPneumatic Press

SCHMIDT® HydroPneumaticPress
Max. force range from 15 kN to 220 kN

Schmidt Electric Press

SCHMIDT® ElectricPress
New approach to Assembly Technology

Schmidt Servo Press

SCHMIDT® ServoPress / TorquePress
Reference for Precise Assembly

Schmidt PRC 600

SCHMIDT® PressControl
Machine Control Units


We are an authorized Schmidt Service Center, featuring their press solutions and to provide preventative maintenance and yearly calibration services to meet your process requirements.